5 December 2023 · Our Customers

How a long-term business found a new business partner with Hino.

Tell us a bit about Fox Hay Timber & Hardware. 

We started in 1954 in Port Melbourne as wooden crate manufacturers of boxes used for canning, and by beverage companies like Coca-Cola, Tarax, Boon Spa and Carlton United Breweries. As cardboard replaced timber and the need for timber boxes diminished, Fox Hay had to adapt by migrating to timber sales. Fast forward to today, we supply the building trades, and film and TV industries, with timber and hardware goods.

Why did you decide to purchase your Hino? 

We needed a new delivery vehicle as our current two are about 16 years old. Our mechanic, who knows everything about trucks, came in with a strong suggestion that Hino would be a good fit for us. We trust him on everything mechanical and this was no different. We purchased a Hino 500 Series FE1426 eight months ago and has become our delivery workhorse.

How do you use your Hino truck at work?

Having the six-metre-long tray, we service the construction industry up to 200km from Port Melbourne transporting timber deliveries. Our drivers always feel safe and in control with the driving aids that the Hino offers, like the lane departure warning system, the reverse camera and the great driver vision within the cab.

What advantages do you recognise that Hino has above the rest?

Our mechanic sold us on the Hino for three reasons, and he was right.

  1. Technology – Our driver is loving the Hino. The Lane Departure Warning System, Fuel Economy, Hino-Connect and passenger side rear vision are all great.
  2. Comfort and Safety built into the truck allows our driver to easily handle the vehicle, especially with the reverse camera. Coming from a 15-year-old truck into a Hino, we feel spoilt.
  3. The Engine and Gearbox work perfectly together to make a smooth ride. We use the power button on our longer highway trips to make for more efficient driving, which helps after a long day.

You mentioned Hino-Connect: What about the features do you like?

Hino-Connect is still new to us, I did my research on the Hino website before purchasing so I was fairly well versed when it came time to purchase. I liked it in theory and really like having it in our truck. Now that we have it up and running, we use Hino-Connect to track and monitor the speed of the truck, the revving, the fuel economy, service alerts, and I’m sure we’ll discover more of what it can do the more we use it.

Which dealership did you purchase your truck from, and how did they make sure you got the right truck for your business needs?

We purchased the vehicle from CMI Hino Melbourne. The Salesman there was both knowledgeable and very helpful. He made sure he knew our business like the back of his hand, so he could confidently recommend the right truck and tray to suit our needs. We are extremely happy we chose Hino and would recommend CMI Hino Melbourne to everyone.

How would you sum up your experience to someone looking to buy a Hino? 

Overall, dealing with Hino has been a great experience. The whole process was seamless. The Hino care team also helped us to set up Hino-Connect and were genuinely caring and very patient. It is refreshing to have a company care about customer service.

Fox Hay Timber & Hardware adapted to keep up with changing technologies, and by choosing a Hino as their new truck of choice, their growing business has been able to keep up with the newfound demand. If you are after a safer, cleaner, smarter truck, visit your local dealer or our website for more info.

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